Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Week On The Run...

I feel fairly confident that I'm the only one interested in the progression of my training, particularly due to the fact that I'm not really training for any specific race or toward any discrete end at the moment. However, if nothing else, my posting up slightly more detailed accounts of my daily runs than at my daily training blog (which, ironically enough, doesn't necessarily feel like the most appropriate venue for posting the nitty gritty details of my typically ambiguous, jack of all trades type training) can serve as a decent backup to the spiral-bound notebook in which they are currently contained, and it could also afford a point to which I can refer others, should they ever be curious as to the somewhat monotonous nature of my training, on the off-chance that anyone would ever develop such a curiosity.

In any case, I don't know if this will be a regular installment or a one-time post, but, for what it's worth, here's how my week of running went for April 18 - April 24, 2010...

Sun 4/18
9.9 miles (1:13:12)
Felt Good. Perfect Weather.

Mon 4/19
PM: 15.4 (1:53:13)
All over residential Auburn. Felt good to do a semi-long run and tire the legs out a bit.

Tues 4/20
AM: 11 (1:20:44)
Warmed up to Woodfield, around IM fields, and met Heather for 2 x 1.5 mile tempo with 1/4 mile jog recovery. Hit 8:33 (~5:40 pace) and 8:11 (~5:20 pace). Good effort. A bit of a hitch in my upper right hamstring/IT band/glute; I think it's from yesterday's hills.
PM: 7.4 (57:36)
Felt a little sluggish toward the end. Solid day.

Wed 4/21
PM: 13.4 (1:42:48)
Heather's to Kiesel, 1.5 laps, and back. Felt good.

Thurs 4/22
Inimitable Mother and Darling Little Sister in town, so I spent the day showing them around. Twas a good day.

Fri 4/23
PM: 11.8 (1:28:16)
Campus loop, out Donahue, down University, residential Auburn. Cruisin

Sat 4/24
PM: 9.3 (1:08:51)
Around Auburn, about half in a light rain.
Celebrating the gift of the ability.

Total: 78.2 (9:44:46)