Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Priority Propriety

There was a time when others might bestow the title of "runner" upon me, whatever that actually means, and there have been many times when it might actually have been accurate.

Such a title might be stretching the definition of the word if used to describe my running habits of late.  One or two (or no) runs per week certainly falls short of the "serious runner" standard, and hardly even qualifies for the much dreaded "hobby jogger" handle.

But that's alright...

One of the lessons that we (or at least I) have been fortunate enough to learn is that of priority propriety.  To be sure, there was definitely a time when running occupied a priority tier unbecoming an activity of such necessary frivolity.  To my former surprise, life is rearranging these tiers.

At a group run last night, it was good to see and catch up with running friends.  It was good to stretch out the legs and feel the lungs burn a little.  It was good to hear everyone's excitement about his or her next big event, goal, or aspiration.

But it was also good to remind myself where my priorities lie.  I certainly am on the lookout for the next big event for which to train, but perhaps an even more exciting aspect of looking for the next running event is that of piecing into the puzzle of the rest of life.
I'm excited about getting back into a training schedule, both as a scalded-dog racer and as an observational outdoorsman.  I'm more excited about the people, places, and things that will come into my path during the course of this training schedule, both because and in spite of it.

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