Friday, June 15, 2012

What Are They Thinking?

I wonder what goes through the mind of a (non-runner) driver passing by a runner strung out from miles and miles and miles.

I suppose it is highly dependent upon the driver, given the varying reactions I've noticed, ranging from the asinine cat-calls to the little old lady who, although she has seen you, refuses to look at you while gripping the steering wheel, staring straight ahead, unwilling to yield even an inch of her road.

The one driver's perspective upon which I can draw is, obviously enough, my own, but I think that mine, along with most of ours as a running community, is somewhat skewed.

More often than not, I find myself a bit jealous of the fatigued runner, wistful of the satisfaction found in exertion while simultaneously waxing nostalgic over runs of days and years past.

Occasionally, if the effort, form, and overall countenance of the runner look sufficiently strained, I'll feel a momentary twinge of pity, which is ironic given that, even at my worst moments, I still (possibly errantly, if not conceitedly) considered myself and my plight above the pity of motorists passing by.

But the question remains, regardless of the reaction of a given driver, what are the first opinionated observations and subsequent thoughts of a driver unacquainted with the nuances of our addiction?

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