Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Week On The Run...

I seemed like this week was Old Man Winter's (hopefully) last stab at making life miserable for those of us inclined to venture out of doors even in such nonsensical weather as 30's in April.  In any case, nothing too monumental to report; just the relentless upward march of miles...

Sunday (3/31):
no MYF for Easter (ironic...). dodging rain and listening to birds; good temps (low 60's), body felt good at finish (i.e., no twinges).

Monday (4/1):
took a little will power to get out, but no valid complaints once the run got underway.

Tuesday (4/2):
felt a little sluggish; took a little longer than normal for the ankles to loosen up and never really got into a groove, but uneventful otherwise.

Wednesday (4/3):
squeezing a few in before youth.  a little drizzly, but i think the rain shell was still a bit much.

Thursday (4/4):
just going through the motions.  drizzly and cool; *hopefully* the last gasp of winter (which, by the way, caused some rather unfortunate chaffing that i wasn't aware of until after i finished...).

Friday (4/5):
easy run at pt mallard.  finally some good weather.

Saturday (4/6):
2 mile warmup (15:44)
River City 10k (38:31: 5:42, 5:54, 6:11, 6:10, 6:37, 6:34, 1:21)
2 mile cooldown (15:59)
1:10:14 total
not my best showing at river city, nor my most intelligently executed (fairly telling splits...), but a little educational, and a fun run none the less.

Total:  57.2 miles (7:19:30)

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