Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Week On The Run...

I started this week with grand intentions of making it one more mileage building week before a recovery week, but weather and vocational responsibilities got in the way.  No big deal; I'll just swap it with the next week...  In any case, here's  the breakdown...

Sunday (4/7)
made the mistake of taking a nap during a free afternoon upon the premise of running after youth (honestly), but, true to form, murphy's laws of running took hold when one of the youth needed to stay and talk until around 10.

Monday (4/8):
it's a little intimidating on yet another mileage buildup week to not have that mileage cushion from a sunday run.  even so, once out the door, things went rather well in the newly arrived spring weather.  even broke the seal of shirtless running for the year.

Tuesday (4/9):
warm and windy (and pollen-y).   Aside from that, not too noteworthy. (i guess that means it was a good run...)

Wednesday (4/10):
10 (1:18:12)
3 before youth (22:26), and 7 after (55:46).  both went well.  7 late (started ~9ish) reminded me why i used to like the late-night runs in starkville (except for the downtown/bar areas, no one out and about... roads all to myself...)

Thursday (4/11)
wussed out in the bad weather and decided to bag it the rest of the week.  i did walk a mile on friday with rob, kathy, and george to help mark the quarters of their certified mile race on saturday, and saturday drove to atlanta.

Total:  30 miles (3:51:16)

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