Thursday, April 11, 2013

Perceptions (Wandering Thoughts)

Spring is finally making itself known around here; longer, warmer days make getting out the door just a little easier, and the re-emergence of some strange substance called pollen is giving everything around here a strange yellow-ish tint.

Along with the rise in temperatures comes the inevitable shedding of clothing worn, especially while running.  I suppose it's the relatively sudden change in running wardrobe that has caused such a curiosity, but I can't help but wonder how the perennial dwellers of the great indoors perceive those of us that seem to always be braving the other.

The stark contrast of worlds is nothing new; I've been relatively amused at the strange looks I tend to receive from both patrons of one of the bars I pass on my daily runs, as well as people trapped on the treadmills, staring out the windows of an apartment gym downtown.

Throughout the winter, I can only imagine the strange thoughts that pass through their minds when, shortly after they get inside and shake off the bitter cold, they see some random guy galloping down the street in shorts, seemingly oblivious to the miserable weather that they had just escaped.  These same air conditioned personnel perhaps have some choice words for the very same scantily clad runner making his way through town on the first few warm days of spring (not to mention the searing days of summer sure to come...)

Of course, there are certainly interesting trains of thought to be had regarding my (our) perception of them, and I suspect there are similarities between the two opposing views.  Who knows...?

Wandering thoughts... one of the hidden gems of the daily grind...

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