Tuesday, April 2, 2013


The weathermen are telling us that the temperatures are going to be "cold" again for the next couple of days, although "cold" in this case simply means highs in the 50's with lows in the 30's, as opposed to the highs in the 30's with lows in the don't-want-to-think-about-it's.

As much as I want to gripe about this (hopefully) last gasp of winter, I must admit that such a cold snap is one of the most promising signs that spring has begun.  Runs the last couple days have been in such overly-pleasant temperatures that I'm scared I'm getting soft; I suppose these all-too-frigid 50 degree temps should fix that (note the tongue stuck firmly in cheek...)

All that to say that it's the subtle reminders the time of year that are often the most exciting.  Birds emphatically chirping their existence.  Orders of magnitude more people out and about during a run.  Daylight lingering later and later.  Even the stinging remnants of sweat in the eyes for hours after the run.  These are some of the most anticipated indicators of the year, the reward for a winter of pushing through the cold, wet, windy days.

What are your signs of spring?  I hope you take the time to notice, because as we all know, these "overly-pleasant" weather days for running are exceedingly rare, and soon enough, summer will have us awaiting the promise of fall...

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